They say every couple story is different than others, and we believe so. Whenever we are sent a project edit, we always have discussion with the photographers the feel behind the shoot. And we always try to enhance the charm of the shoot through adding the visual elements like tones, color grading and retouching the skin. Like writers share their stories via better usage of words, we as a editors use the color correction and color grading to tell the stories in a better way.

As these images are ultimately serving the purpose to the couple, we also try to justify the taste of their clients.We understand the value to the commitment given to the couple by the photographers, so we always give the post processed images with the given time line.

So, I want to tell all the photographers, go out there and shoot and enjoy. Keep the worries of post processing for us – your one stop solution.

Happy Clicking.

Capture by The Return Ticket Studios

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